Wednesday, 6 December 2017

Important December Dates

December 12 - School trip to see the movie Wonder in Belleville

December 15 - Grade 8 Day at Centre Hastings Secondary School
                         (Bring a lunch or money for the cafeteria - details will be sent home)

December 20 - Festive Lunch / Christmas Concert

December 21 - Mrs. Bonter's Christmas Venture sale!

Congratulations to the intermediate boys volleyball team who came second today at the district tournament!

Monday, 4 December 2017

Language / Geography Exam 2 - Open Book - Thursday / Friday, December 7 / 8, 2017

The exam will include two basic parts: reading and writing.

Part A - Reading response

A reading that relates to geography content will be provided and students will be asked to respond to ideas and concepts in the text. For example, students will have to make inferences and summarize key points to show understanding of the text.

Part B - Paragraph Writing

Student will be given topics on sustainability and natural resources and have to write a short opinion piece on the topic they choose.

Part C - Anne Frank Diary

Students will create a short response about the topic of equity and what it means to them. They will be encouraged to reflect on the parts of the Anne Frank Diary we have read so far and connect the concept to their own ideas. This response will be in the form of a journal entry, which we have been practicing in class.

There is no study sheet required for this exam, but students should be prepared to share their thinking and organize their ideas into proper paragraphs and good sentences.

Time for the exam will be provided Thursday and Friday mornings this week. The exam will be posted in the online classroom and can by typed or handwritten.

Intermediate Boys Volleyball - Wednesday, December 6